G6AMU Codeplug Editor

Here is an excellent TYT/Retevis/Baofeng DMR codeplug editor by Cathy, G6AMU, which is provided for download here with the authors’ agreement. With it, you can open multiple codeplugs and copy between them, load firmware, load the user database as well as easily edit and move things around in a more logical fashion than the standard CPS. With the latest update it looks good as well!

The following radios are supported: – MD380, MD390, UV380, UV390, MD9600, MD2017 & DM-1701.

The editor ONLY directly programs the Tytera MD380 & MD390 radios via
the cable. The other radios have to be programmed via the manufactures

To install, extract the contents of the .zip file into a directory of your choice, navigate to that directory, right click on ‘DMR_CodePlug_Editor.exe’, select ‘Send To’ then ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’. Alternatively you can just run the application directly in the directory it has been extracted to.

The editor has undergone extensive development over recent weeks and now includes lots of new features and makes this already excellent software even more useful. The various changes that have been made can be found in the changes.txt file of the .zip download. I suggest making a backup of your existing codeplug prior to making any changes to facilitate reversion if required.

Just to be clear, I am not the author of this software and am not in a position to correct issues or update it for different radio types. However, if you think that you have found a problem, email me with as much detail as possible and I’ll pass the information on for investigation/comment. Note that I cannot guarantee that your query will be addressed as this is the authors prerogative.

[Page last updated 13th January 2019]