The Future….your views?

A couple of years ago there was very little information to be found relating to the amateur use of DMR. New radios were being produced which required much user interaction by way of a mysterious codeplug. There were not many codeplugs around so I set about learning how they work and filling that gap with this website also to provide a focal point for the region and provide local radio amateurs with as much relevant information as I could gather and publish. I’ve been amazed at the response, from around the globe, and have been really pleased with the interaction of people seeking help with either the mode or other related questions (no I do not have a list of all the shop watch frequencies….). The level of hits to the site remains high, over a thousand per day, and has been growing steadily since I set it up. However, the level of questions has reduced significantly as people have become more familiar with DMR and its idiosyncrasies. In addition, there have been many new radios introduced since the early days of the MD380. I don’t have any of the new radios and consequently, do not produce codeplugs for them on the basis that I do not like releasing untested codeplugs. On the subject of codeplugs I’d like to thank G6AMU for producing, publishing and updating the excellent editor which makes updates so much easier and logical.

I am now of the opinion that the site has served its purpose and am minded to change the current focus from DMR to present something of a more general nature with a primarily radio related context. I’m not going to do it immediately so the current content will remain available for a while yet. However, I’ll not be updating the codeplugs as I believe that most users either have what they need or are using the newer radio types which are not catered for here.

I’ve yet to decide which direction the site will go in so if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions let me know via the contact page on the top right or email and I’ll certainly give your ideas some consideration.

In closing, I want to personally thank Andy, 2E0DIQ, for being such an inspiration and all round saviour of amateur radio in the region. Without his tireless enthusiasm amateur radio in our part of the world would be without someone with passion, patience and encouragement (and hobnobs). Thanks, Andy for all that you do it’s really very much appreciated!



3rd August 2018