Radioddity GD-77

This Radioddity GD-77 codeplug is produced and made available by G7MLO.

There are some notes that are important for this version of the code plug:- You must use CPS version 2.05 and radio software version 3.00.06. Both are available to download from the Radioddity website.

The code plug has a bias for the East Anglian Region.

There is currently no provision for simplex channels for either analogue or digital.

DMR repeaters covered are as follows:-

Zones for each repeater are split by slot.

For example zone GB7MK S1 has TG1 ,113, 123, 13, 2, 235, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 9. GB7MK S2 has TG 801, 810, 820,830, 840, 841, 850, 860, 870, 880, 9990 and 9. This is repeated for all DMR repeaters.

Analogue repeaters included are as follows:-

Zones for analogue repeaters are split into VHF and UHF.

Users are free to modify and share. There is no liability accepted for any damage, harm or loss caused through installation or use of this code plug. All liability is passed to the end user to check that his/her use of the code plug is suitable for the planned end use and equipment. It is the end users responsibility to check this before use.

You will need to add your own ID prior to use on any DMR repeater. Note that DMR ID needs to be 8 digits long with a leading zero required.

Page last updated 8th December 2018