GB7EB – Update & Changes

The following information has been provided by James, M0JGX, who is the keeper of GB7EB DMR repeater at Beccles: –


GB7EB is now officially taking TG840 Thank you, Phoenix!  Resulting in EVERY local DMR repeater being on 840.  (All other 8xx user activated talkgroups are also available on Slot 2)
GB7EB Talkgroups as they stand are…
Slot 1
TG9 – Local (Echolink / Allstar Bridge. Currently off while I make sure it’s all working, will fire it back up in a week or two)
TG91 – BM World Wide
TG235 – BM UK Wide (Might move to Phoenix at some point as BM 235 isn’t really used)

Slot 2

TG9 – BM Reflectors
TG840 – PHOENIX – East Anglia  
It is a good idea to UNLINK (4000) from BM reflectors before using TG840 as currently there is no hold off timer in MMDVM Gateway. 
More information and latest status from HERE>>>
(The TYT codeplug has been updated to reflect these changes.)