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GB7WS – Bury St Edmunds

GB7WS is now in fully operational and connected to the Phoenix network. The repeater covers Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk. Many thanks to James, G7MLO, for his efforts in providing this valuable resource for the East Anglia Region. All codeplugs on this site have the repeater programmed in and ready to go.


GB7PP is a D-STAR repeater close to Ipswich. A NoV has recently been approved to convert it to a multi-mode repeater. As I understand it the plan is to use an MMDVM system to enable the repeater to handle D-STAR, Fusion, P25 and DMR modes. When I have the required information regarding which DMR network […]

TYT Codeplug Updated

The TYT East Anglia Region codeplug has been updated to include the correct talkgroup structure for GB7EB and to reflect the recent move of GB7CL to a site near Frinton On Sea.   You can download a copy from HERE. 

GB7EB – Beccles Repeater

James, M0JGX, has advised the correct talkgroup structure for GB7EB at Beccles. I will update the various codeplugs with this information shortly. The structure is as follows: – TG91 (Worldwide), TG92 (Europe) & TG93 (USA) all on Slot 1   All the usual BrandMeister reflectors are accessed on Slot 2

GB7CL Clacton – New Location

GB7CL, previously located in Clacton, has now moved to a new location near ‘Frinton on Sea’ with much improved coverage expected. All radio settings remain as before so no changes to codeplugs are required. I’ll change the name when I next update the codeplugs.

Dual Band DMR Codeplugs

I’ve been contacted and asked when I’ll be producing codeplugs for the new dual band DMR radios. The current situation is that I will not be as I do not own any of the new radios and cannot test the codeplugs prior to release via my site.  I could download and install the CPS for […]

Experimental Firmware

I’ve updated the TYT MD-380 page a with a bit more information, and a couple of links, relating to the experimental firmware. I’ve found a version that can easily be loaded via Windows using an installer written by KG5RKI. It loads, separately, both the firmware and the database and makes it easy  to keep up […]

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