Codeplug Editor

Note: Recent changes to the way that DMR ID downloads are handled mean that the download database function of this utility has stopped working. An update is available and I am working with the author to get a copy and make it available here. All other functions work as usual. Many thanks to G6AMU for getting in touch and working to get the update to me.


Here is a very good TYT/Retevis codeplug editor by G6AMU. With it, you can open multiple codeplugs and copy between them as well as easily edit and move things around.

To install, extract the contents of the .zip file into a directory of your choice, go to that directory, right click on ‘MD380_MD390_CodePlug_Editor.exe’, select ‘Send To’ then ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’.

The one limitation of this editor is that it does not read and write to the radio. You will need to use the existing CPS for this after you have made any changes.

You can download a copy of the editor from at the following link: –




Just to be clear, I am not the author of this software and am not in a position to update it for newer radio types.


Page last updated 12th June 2018