Dual Band DMR Codeplugs

I’ve been contacted and asked when I’ll be producing codeplugs for the new dual band DMR radios. The current situation is that I will not be as I do not own any of the new radios and cannot test the codeplugs prior to release via my site.  I could download and install the CPS for […]

The ‘Old’ UK Wide Codeplug

I’ve had several recent requests for copies of the UK wide codeplug that used to be available for download. It has not been updated for over a year and as such is pretty much useless given all the additions, deletions and other changes that have occurred in that time. As Baldrick might say it’s as […]

Experimental Firmware

I’ve updated the TYT MD-380 page a with a bit more information, and a couple of links, relating to the experimental firmware. I’ve found a version that can easily be loaded via Windows using an installer written by KG5RKI. It loads, separately, both the firmware and the database and makes it easy  to keep up […]

TYT Codeplug Updated

TYT East Anglia codeplug updated to include a contact for TG260. This is user activated on all Phoenix repeaters and provides access to the Polish national talkgroup on timeslot 1. You can download a copy from HERE. 

TYT Codeplug Updated

TYT East Anglia codeplug has been updated to include the new East Midlands Talkgroup TG844. For more information see the announcement page of DMR-UK.net. You can download the updated codeplug from HERE.

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