These two Motorola codeplugs are tailored for the East Anglia region of the United Kingdom. Both contain the following Zones each with it’s own scan list. Roaming is enabled on TG840 and TG801 on the relevant repeaters. Those that are still in vetting will require the Colour Code and Frequency Pairs updated when they are known. GB7ND, my local DMR repeater, and GB7MK have additional channels to allow for the easy user activation of Phoenix regional talkgroups.

Note that these codeplugs will not work with the recently introduced ‘e’ variant radios. You can use the cut, copy & paste functions of the CPS to transfer content if you want to use the base information.  If you need help with this process get in touch.

If I’ve missed anything useful let me know and I’ll add it in for others to use too.


Motorola DP4801 Codeplug at this link: –


Motorola DM4600 Codeplug at this link: –



You will need to add your own ID prior to use on any DMR repeater.

Note: I try to keep this codeplug up to date and as error free as possible. If you find any issues or omissions please let me know so that they can be corrected and an update made available.


Page last updated 7th March 2018