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General website update information.

TYT Codeplug Updated

The TYT East Anglia Region codeplug has been updated to include the correct talkgroup structure for GB7EB and to reflect the recent move of GB7CL to a site near Frinton On Sea.   You can download a copy from HERE. 

GB7EB – Beccles Repeater

James, M0JGX, has advised the correct talkgroup structure for GB7EB at Beccles. I will update the various codeplugs with this information shortly. The structure is as follows: – TG91 (Worldwide), TG92 (Europe) & TG93 (USA) all on Slot 1   All the usual BrandMeister reflectors are accessed on Slot 2

GB7CL Clacton – New Location

GB7CL, previously located in Clacton, has now moved to a new location near ‘Frinton on Sea’ with much improved coverage expected. All radio settings remain as before so no changes to codeplugs are required. I’ll change the name when I next update the codeplugs.

UK Wide Codeplug – Retired

I will no longer be updating the TYT / Retevis UK Wide codeplug. The number of channels required to support all the current and planned UK DMR repeaters exceeds the channel capacity of the radio. I’ll leave it on the site for a while so that it can be downloaded should you wish to do […]

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