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GB7EB – Update & Changes

The following information has been provided by James, M0JGX, who is the keeper of GB7EB DMR repeater at Beccles: –   GB7EB is now officially taking TG840 Thank you, Phoenix!  Resulting in EVERY local DMR repeater being on 840.  (All other 8xx user activated talkgroups are also available on Slot 2) GB7EB Talkgroups as they stand are… Slot 1 […]

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Codeplug Editor Updated

An updated version of the DMR codeplug editor, by G6AMU, has been released. It now additionally supports the following radios: – MD-UV380, MD-UV390, MD9600 & MD2017. The latest update fixes an issue with Rx/Tx frequency editing on Channels and VFO tabs. You should read both the ReadMe and changes files before using this software. You can […]

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