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Dual Band DMR Codeplugs

I’ve been contacted and asked when I’ll be producing codeplugs for the new dual band DMR radios. The current situation is that I will not be as I do not own any of the new radios and cannot test the codeplugs prior to release via my site.  I could download and install the CPS for […]

Experimental Firmware

I’ve updated the TYT MD-380 page a with a bit more information, and a couple of links, relating to the experimental firmware. I’ve found a version that can easily be loaded via Windows using an installer written by KG5RKI. It loads, separately, both the firmware and the database and makes it easy  to keep up […]

TYT Codeplug Updated

TYT East Anglia codeplug updated to include a contact for TG260. This is user activated on all Phoenix repeaters and provides access to the Polish national talkgroup on timeslot 1. You can download a copy from HERE. 

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