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Motorola Codeplugs Updated

Both Motorola East Anglia codeplugs updated with a contact for TG260 which is a user activated talkgroup, on Phoenix repeaters, providing access to the Polish national talkgroup. You can download copies from HERE.

TYT Codeplug Updated

TYT East Anglia codeplug updated to include a contact for TG260. This is user activated on all Phoenix repeaters and provides access to the Polish national talkgroup on timeslot 1. You can download a copy from HERE. 

Motorola Codeplugs Updated

Both East Anglia codeplugs have been updated to include the new East Midlands Talkgroup TG844. For more information see the announcement page of You can download the updated codeplugs from HERE.

TYT/Retevis Codeplug Editor

I’ve added a page with a link to the codeplug editor by G6AMU. This is much better than the manufacturer’s version of CPS although it does not fully replace it. See the following page for more details: – G6ANU Codeplug Editor

Hytera Codeplugs

I have removed, for now, the Hytera codeplug page. I’ve done this as I have no way of testing that they function correctly and am unwilling to publish information that I would consider to be potentially sub-standard.

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