Codeplug Editor Updated

Cathy, G6AMU, has been very busy updating and significantly improving the functionality of the TYT codeplug editor. All the changes and improvements are listed in the ‘changes.txt’ file that forms part of the download. Thanks, Cathy for producing and sharing such an excellent piece of software, it’s much appreciated.   You can download the latest version (V0.0.76.0) […]

The Future….your views?

A couple of years ago there was very little information to be found relating to the amateur use of DMR. New radios were being produced which required much user interaction by way of a mysterious codeplug. There were not many codeplugs around so I set about learning how they work and filling that gap with this […]

GB7PY – Cambridge

GB7PY at Cambridge is now in service and connected to the Phoenix network. By default is has TG2351 on slot 1 and TG840 on slot 2. The TYT codeplug has been updated to include TG2351. You can download the latest version from HERE>>>


James, M0JGX, has been in touch with a couple of updates to repeaters in the region. First GB3YL (Lowestoft analogue FM repeater) should be back on the air in the next 6 weeks (dependant on sourcing feeders) There is also news of a new DMR repeater, GB7YL, also in Lowestoft. This will be on the 2M band […]

GB7EB – Talkgroup Changes

James, M0JGX, has been in touch with news of changes to the talkgroup structure of GB7EB at Beccles. The repeater is on the BrandMeister network and now has the following configuration: – TG91 – Worldwide Local TG9 S1 Local TG9 S2 TG2353 – Link to Phoenix TG2353 for cross-network QSO’s TG9990 – Echo Test You can download the […]

TYT Codeplug Updated

All Phoenix repeaters now have UA access to TG2353 S1 linked to BM TG2353 / Ref 4403 – this will allow cross-network qso’s. If users either side access the talk group, it should also be possible to send SMS messages to each other. Minor update to the TYT codeplug to add this TG to contacts for user […]

GB3PY – Frequency Change

The GB3PY FM repeater in Cambridge is now operational on a new frequency pair. It has been changed to a wide split in order to reduce interference from other services. See the Cambridge Repeater Group website for more details. Details of new frequencies can be found HERE>

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